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"Preserving Your Memories To Last A Lifetime"
Zartman Studios Production


If you are looking for a permanent and cost effective way to guarantee a future for your irreplaceable memories, Zartman Studios Production is the solution for you.

Zartman Studios Production will create a permanent and memorable heartfelt DVD movie of your photographs / digital pictures / video clips by incorporating 'motion picture movement', creative video effects and video transitions, along with your choice of music to create a special and lasting memorable keepsake of your special memories. Your DVD will be an heirloom to be enjoyed and treasured by future children and grandchildren. The DVDs will also make excellent keepsakes for parents, family members, and friends.

Why should you have Zartman Studios Production transfer your precious photographs / digital pictures to a DVD with your own custom music? The reasons are endless and only limited by your imagination. Below are examples of your precious memories to preserve:

1.) Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
2.) Bridal Shower
3.) Bachelor / Bachelorette Party
4.) Wedding Reception
5.) Retrospective Photos of the Bride and Groom With Their Favorite Music
- Can be given as favors to wedding guests or shown at Rehearsal Dinner
6.) Wedding Party Photos
7.) Honeymoon Trip
8.) Anniversaries
9.) Quinceaneras
10.) Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
11.) New Baby Arrivals
12.) Vacations
13.) Birthdays
14.) Holiday Celebrations
15.) Religious Events
16.) Sporting Events
17.) Tributes

This can also be used as a great gift idea to show at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, and family gatherings.

In addition, I can transfer your VHS Tapes (S-VHS & VHS) and Camcorder Tapes (S-VHS-C, VHS-C, Mini-DV, HI8 & 8mm) to DVD that may have your precious family memories on them. After a while, these tapes will begin to warp and "fade out". I have the ability to convert and preserve these memories to a digital masterpiece on DVD.

I can also transfer photos, 35mm slides and 35mm film negatives to DVD.


DVD Photo Slideshow With Music / Effects / Transitions:
1 - 50 Photos: Starts at $100.00*
51 - 74 Photos: Starts at $125.00*
75 - 100 Photos: Starts at $150.00*
101 + Photos ($1.00 Per Additional photo)*
Photos To Be Scanned (includes "touch ups") - $.75 Each
Songs To Be Purchased On Your Behalf - $2.00 Each
Video Clip To Used In Slideshow (up to 5 minutes) - $10.00 Each
Additional Copy Of DVD Photo Slideshow - $10.00
* Does not include photo scanning charge.

Video Tape Transfer To DVD:
(Includes S-VHS, VHS, S-VHS-C, VHS-C, Mini-DV, HI8, & 8mm)
Direct Transfer With Menu - $15.00
Direct Transfer With Menu & Scene Selection - $20.00

Photo (includes touch ups) Transfer To CD/DVD - $.75 Per Image
Standard 35mm slides (includes touch ups) Transfer To CD/DVD - $.75 Per Image
35mm Film Negatives (includes touch ups) Transfer To CD/DVD - $.75 Per Image

Video Editing - $25.00 Per Hour

Call or email for exact quotes.

All work is personalized and unique.

Don't let your precious memories fade away!

For more information on preserving your memories in a highly polished production, contact Allan Zartman at (214) 418 - 7910 or email him through the 'Email us at' link at the bottom of this page.

A free DVD demo by mail can also be requested through this 'Email us at' link at the bottom of this page.

If you prefer, you can preview my current portfolio by 'clicking' the 'Visit us at' URL at the bottom of the page.

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