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VHS / Betamax / Camcorder Video Tape Transfer

   The following video tapes can be transferred to DVD (or Blu-ray DVD) or 'Hard Drive:

  • VHS Tapes

  • S-VHS Tapes

  • Betamax Tapes

  • Mini-DV Camcorder Tapes

  • VHS-C Camcorder Tapes

  • S-VHS-C Camcorder Tapes

  • HI-8 Camcorder Tapes

  • 8mm Camcorder Tapes     

Robert's 6th Birthday
(Intital Raw Transfer)
Robert's 6th Birthday
(Transfer After 'Clean-Up')

These tapes will begin to deteriorate, warp and "fade out" as time passes on.  I have the ability to convert and preserve these memories to a digital masterpiece.

I will delete all unused tape at the 'beginning' and 'end' of the video tape as well as throughout the video.  Wavy lines at the bottom, top, and sides of the video are also taken out during the editing process.

A Title (based on the title you have marked on your tape) is created at the beginning of the video and an 'Ending' is created at the end of the video. 

A 'Menu Page' and 'Scene Selection' is created at the beginning of the video if you choose to have your video transferred to a DVD.

The 'Menu', 'Title' and 'Ending' Pages will be created with themed matching video files for a more polished professional presentation. 

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